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Why Social Enterprise?

Why Social Enterprise?


Social enterprises are for profit organizations that exist to achieve social, cultural, community economic or environmental change while generating revenue in order to employ a mission driven workforce. Some social enterprises are operated by nonprofit organizations while others are run  as for-profit companies. Social enterprises put mission at the heart of their business, with income generation playing an important supporting role.


We value persistent and visionary people who are the backbone of organizations for social change. We nurture and empower mid-level and executive leaders and the boards they work with to build clear and aspirational vision for social change. We work with funders and investors to reshape the way they fund social change to incubate concepts into action. We are grounded in pragmatic approaches to help organizations carry out their missions to build a more just, equitable and inclusive world. This starts with incubating smart ideas, taking risks, having strident vision, investing in sustainability, advocacy and succession planning.

We provide leaders and organizations coaching, project management and strategic decision making and process management. We help our partners find their advocacy voice, embrace their strengths, identify their weaknesses and participate fully in the social change movement. Our team strives to widen and accelerate on ramps for emerging leaders, board members and talent  to build a more entrepreneurial and strident nonprofit advocacy sector.

At Anchor Strategies we seek to live out our mission by modeling best practices for social change by helping existing and emerging organizations and leaders with strategic planning, leadership development and financial stability. We embody our mission by hiring and mentoring a diverse and female majority workforce that can help broaden social change beyond our own four walls. We believe a social enterprise model gives us more flexibility to work with more organizations, entrepreneurs, leaders and funders.